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Hello World

July 7, 2008

Hello everyone,

It seemed appropriate to start off this blog with a hello world post. So… hello… world. I am a PHP programmer / Web Designer / Server Maintainer / indentured servant at the Wonderful Acadiana Educational Endowment. We are a nonprofit group supporting education throughout the U.S. by hosting a nonprofit bookstore, We also serve the Acadiana area (where we are located) with and

I was encouraged to start this blog in an effort to record my issues with various platforms on the web so I won’t forget and so others find them. I work in straight PHP 5, the Zend Framework, and ezPublish for the sites I work on, and I hope that in reading this, you resolve whatever issues I might be able to help with.

Being that this is a hello world post… I’ll start by making some short notes on my recent activities as a programmer.
ezPublish: All in all, and no offense to it’s developers, but I do not like ezP. To be fair, I had little experience with the underlying framework, ezComponents, going in. However, the documentation is poor, and the templating engine is… in a word… bad. It also creates an enormous database (this is not directly an issue, lots of software needs a big database, but in this case… it is difficult to find what you are looking for in that thing).

Zend FrameWork: I started working with ZF about two weeks ago. I love it.  I have been working in PHP about two years, and I still don’t know the deep internals of the language, but this was no limitation with ZF. The documentation is superb, and, most importantly, updated regularly. It has a fluid API and just generally makes sense.

Jedit: Last thing I want to comment on is Jedit. Again, I am in love. Up until I started work with the zend framework, I used putty+vim to do all the editing on the site. A good friend of mine recommended Jedit when he found out I was working in ZF, so i thought I’d give it a shot.
My plugins are as follows: FTP, ssh console, CSSeditor, Editor Scheme Selector(just for ease on the eyes), and PHPParser Plugin. Using the setup I have, jEdit is essentially an IDE allowing me to work remotely on the server with multiple files without all the annoyance of xMing tunneling (which I have found to be unreliable).
It has code folding, a full featured file browser (which supports remote directory listing), and a really effecient docking system. Plugins are easy to install and integrate… it just generally rocks.